Red Light Lit is a reading series, podcast, and quarterly art and literary journal founded in 2013.

We are a collective of writers, musicians and artists who explore love relationships and sexuality through poetry, prose, art and song. We help emerging writers and artists find their audience. We showcase diverse voices who discuss sexuality with humor, sophistication and wit. 


Veronica Christina, Co-Founder

Veronica Christina is a co-founder of Red Light Lit and the co-founder and editor in chief of Sex+Design Magazine. Her work has been featured in 7x7, SF Bay Guardian, SF Weekly and California Home+Design.  

Jennifer Lewis, Co-Founder & Editor

Jennifer Lewis is the co-founder, editor and curator of Red Light Lit. She has written articles for Red Herring Magazine, Forbes, Sex + Design and San Francisco Magazine. She received her MFA in creative writing from San Francisco State University in May 2015. Her fiction has been published in Midnight Breakfast, Transfer Magazine, Fourteen Hills Press, and Sparkle and Blink. In 2012, she was the recipient of the Leo Litwak award for creative non-fiction and for fiction in 2015. 


Veronica Christina and Jennifer Lewis met through a mutual friend, San Francisco artist (aka DUSER) and DJ (aka DUSROCK), Ryan Stubbs ( in 2010 at Treasure Island right before LCD Sound System went on. Mutual fans of each other's work, Veronica asked Jennifer to interview musician Amanda Palmer ( and crochet artist and activist Olek ( for Sex + Design's Brave New World Issue and the two of them hit it off. The two wanted to create a reading series that focused on sensuality but wasn’t beholden to the genre of erotica. They knew the genre had been associated with bad writing and was often discounted. These women wanted to be sure the work going into Red Light Lit was empowering, honest and thoughtful, capturing raw moments of human experience. Staying true to their purpose, their Red Light Lit journey began.