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Can I still be a feminist?

if I hate my period if I use the word slut if I want to get hit during sex if I think I should shave my pits and legs and cunt if I like one night stands if I’d like to put them on film if I go to Take Back the Night just to see the girl I want to fuck if I love a man if I love a man who hates if I want to cry to get what I want if I’ve cheated if I’ve cheated with a man if I liked it if I don’t think it counts when it's with a woman if I’m like Emily Dickinson if I wanna be Anne Sexton if I think euphoria periods are conspiracy if I cringe at orgasming during birth if I want to sell my underwear on ebay if I think adoption is the new home-birth if I want to learn to cook a man his dinner if I’m okay with some of the cat-calls if I don’t want to be mysterious if I want to be worshipped like a Manic Pixie Dream Girl if I don’t laugh at a cheater’s dick getting chopped off if I don’t know enough about female circumcision if I want to know what it feels like to have lotus feet if I don’t think the media is responsible for my low self-esteem if I think I’m just a person, not a woman if I don’t want it all, I just want enough.

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