RED LIGHT LIT- Volume 9: Blind Games

For Volume 9, the writing and art submissions were open and we allowed a theme to emerge. Sarah Bethe Nelson’s poem, “Blind Games,” resonated with all the other poetry and prose, and its title influenced the selection of art, including the cover “The Binding Braid” series by Lucille Lares-Kiwan. We all go into relationships or situations blindly, not knowing what will happen next or what is driving us. It takes distance and experience to unpack these tastes and scents from our memories. At times, these games pay us in wisdom like in Steven Gray’s “Sex on the Beach,” Tomas Moniz’s “Learning to Look at Myself,” and Kacy Cunningham’s “Late Night.” Other times, they are completely “Unwise,” as Peter Bullen’s story illustrates. In the pages of this issue, you will look behind the blindfold of self-exploration.

Featured writers: Sarah Broderick, Peter Bullen, Jose Cadena, Michael Cantin, Marc Capelle, MK Chavez, Kacy Cunningham, Allyson Darling, Fred Dodsworth, Stephanie Doeing, Steven Gray, Miah Jeffra, Nick Johnson, Sarah Kobrinsky, Loria Mendoza, Tomas Moniz, Ari Moskowitz, Andrew Murphy, Mike Murray, Sarah Bethe Nelson, Bette O’Callaghan, Chris W. Parker, Nathan Proctor, Steve Sachse, Jeri Thompson, Amy Turner, Rebecca Vanervoort, David Welper, and Stephanie Zappa.

Featured artists: Nicolas Alias, Chris Bean, Akira Beard, Justin Frahm, Walter Hagstrom, Anthony J. Hall, Lucille Lares-Kiwan, Kana Manglapus, Morgan Miller, Laura Moreau, Syrie Moskowitz, Jennifer O’Keeffe, Chris W. Parker, Eric von Pingel, Deborah Rhea, and Raynie Alexandria Vratari.

REd light lit- volume 8: everyone i love is drunk


EVERYONE I LOVE IS DRUNK is an exploration of intemperance in poetry, prose, and art. It’s an assortment of intoxicating tales, ranging from the sensual effect of alcohol as in Michael Cantin’s poem “Whiskey,” to the comical and destructive nature as in Steven Sachse’s poem “My Girlfriend Is So Drunk,” Steven Gray’s essay “Who Put the Toxic into Intoxication?” and Ari Moskowitz’s short story “Vegas Doubleheader.” There are also more abstract expressions of euphoria such as in Diana Rosinus’ “Sips,” a poem structured in segments so that it reads like a drunken memory fragment, and Cecilia Llompart’s “The Book of Loss,” which reads as a dreamy love hangover. The artwork captures both the recklessness and elation of being drunk on the beauty of life and reflects on overindulgence. Featuring artist Blanda Eggenschwiller, whose style combines collage, printmaking, and drawing into a singular expression of feminine form, and photographed by Kana Manglapus. Cover art by Michelle Tholen.





PSYCHO is the tipping point when love has rendered you unstable. It’s an offensive word when we use it to describe others, and we hardly ever use it about ourselves. But from time to time we’ve all been consumed by distrust, lust, or ego. The poems, prose, and photography in this issue illustrate those secret desires, hidden behaviors, and passing

Featured writers: Cassandra Dallet, Jennifer Snyder, Tara Malcom, Jane McDermott, Xan Roberti, Steven Gray, Kacy Cunnigham, Tomas Moniz, Sarah Kobrinsky, William Taylor Junior, Natasha Dennerstein.

Featured artists: Justin Frahm, Celine Guillou, Kristen Elzey, Raynie Alexandria Vratari, Shelbie Dimond and many more.

red light lit- volume 6: cosmos


“In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order.” – Carl Jung In our 6th print volume

Red Light Lit explores the theme of COSMOS. Our mind-blowing moments, (inexplicable events, times we’ve felt incredibly big or incredibly small, brushed with the divine, or felt a connection to something larger than ourselves), are told through the lens of intimacy, erotica and sexuality.

red light lit- volume 5: the looking glass


Red Light Lit celebrates the launch and re-design of our 5th print journal, The Looking Glass, a theme exploring modern-day voyeurism through erotic poetry, prose and photography.

Featerured writers: Phillip T. Nails, Sarah Carpenter, Rebecca Woolston, Matthew Clark Davison, N. Vulpes, A.F., Tomas Moniz, Cassandra Dallett, Amy K. Bell and Ellery Washington.

Featured artists: NoMe Edonna, Erin M. Riley, Celine Guillou, William Perls, Shelbie Diamond.